What Are the Offers Offered By NairaBET

NairaBET platform

About NairaBET – NairaBET is an online betting platform, located in Nigeria. This Platform is headquartered in Igbo Lfon in Lekki, Lagos State. The company “NairaBET” was founded by an entrepreneur Akin Alabi, a Nigerian entrepreneur. From the past couple of years in Nigeria, Sports betting has become a Lucrative Business which has made millions of Nigerians get used to it. Due to this attraction of Sports betting and the platform, NairaBET has become the number one platform in Nigeria in this matter.

About the company – The specialty of the company is that it has never raised external funding to build up as its founder fully backed up the company. A report conducted on the Companies of Africa conducted by KPMG, 2016 showed that NairaBET made an average earning of $3m-$5m. This figure has been tremendously increased in the coming years. 

Offers that have offered by NairaBET

NairaBET is an online betting platform
  1. NairaBET offers Monday Bonus, which means that your account will be added with more 10% bonus of your existing money. This process allows the customer to place even more bids. 
  2. NairaBET offers a ‘CashOut’ feature, which means that even if you have won a portion of the game, NairaBET pays you the money you won for that portion of the game. This literally means that you are, for sure not going to lose the game.
  3. One of the most exciting features of the NairaBET app is the fact that it is available on both the platform iOS as well as Android. However, if the person is not able to access the app, then through USSD code the person can dial *737*50*Amount*88# on your phone (the one attached to his/her GTB account) and the NairaBET account will be funded.

About the Founder – Akin Alabi started his business career in 2003. He mainly did writing and selling books and other information manuals. In continuation of his initial business ideas, he also proceeded to launch his own seminar and training company. The next company that he launched mainly focused on teaching and consulting the young minds, who were starting their own small business. Since, he had established a publishing enterprise, to add to his publishing enterprise, he launched World Soccer News, a weekly sports newspaper.

What NairaBET has to offer?

As a sport betting Company, this company mainly allows its users to place a bet on their favorite sports activities, and in return, they provide them rewards if they are found to be correct. This platform, NairaBET has a mobile app on both the platforms, on iOS and Android. This app provides a seamless experience to its users. 

How it works

Mainly the online platform, NairaBET allows its users to create a free account. And after creating the account, the platform allows them to fund their account using the debit card and with their account being fed, the app allows them to place the bid. The app also allows them to directly transfer the money that they earned directly to their bank account. 


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